“We have been developing with passion and dedication since 1987 reliable, scalable, and secure IT infrastructures and solutions. We transform your IT costs into formidable business tools.”

Leader in the design and implementation of mission critical systems, it offers solutions for Cloud Computing, Data Business Analytics, support for data center virtualization and digital identity security management. Atlantica Sistemi has been operating since 1987 in the field of IT infrastructures dedicated to businesses, markets, installs and guarantees post-sales support for enterprise-class IT systems, and works in the IT strategic consultancy and in the design of storage infrastructures for data archiving and management. The company’s core business is the creation of systems for High Availability and for the security of digital identity in enterprise environments, also developing considerable skills in the field of Virtualization of Data Centers for the consolidation of information systems. Over the last few years, in terms of R&D, it collaborates in the creation of Cloud Computing infrastructures, having recognized the new market trends converging towards the technologies that pertain to the concepts of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service).

Also aware of the problems related to the exponential growth of data within companies and the difficulty in processing information, Atlantica is now able to offer infrastructures for Big Data Business Analitycs with cutting-edge tools and solutions in the field of Business Intelligence. Today, Atlantica offers a wide spectrum of products, solutions and new technologies, the latter are often proposed well in advance on the market compared to competitors, also distinguished by the long experience of its technical staff acquired from customers of national importance.




Atlantica Sistemi operates in the sector of large and medium-sized enterprises, central and local public administrations. Thanks to twenty years of experience in the telecommunications sector, to meet the needs of  a constantly evolving market, Atlantica Sistemi has expanded its areas of presence to the Utilities and Energy sector, to the manufacturing sector and to medium-sized enterprises. In addition, by supporting its customers since the strategy definition phase, Atlantica has established itself as a reference point in the ICT market by designing and developing a wide range of highly customized technological solutions for ministries, social security institutions, service companies and system integrators.