The solution for the management of Smart Metering represents the heart of the Atlantic offer to the world of Utilities, and is characterized as one of the distinctive elements of the company. The availability of a dedicated structure made up of about 60 highly specialized employees, both in terms of technological skills and business processes, that have operated  in the sector for more than 10 years, has allowed Atlantica to gain a leadership position in Italy, with approximately 7 million meters managed, and in Europe with 4.5 million meters in the gas sector alone. All this has been possible thanks to the investments made in the last decade, both in terms of developed skills and  methodologies, and processes adopted whose synthesis is represented by the MIM platform – Metering Infrastructure Manager – which responds to the needs of the Utility market to have a cutting-edge, flexible and integrated  remote reading and remote management system, in line with current legislation and open to market developments.


Atlantica’s MIM platform has been developed since 2006, in the electricity sector, but has subsequently evolved to cover the needs of gas distribution (since 2010) and water distribution (since 2014). MIM represents Atlantica’s solution for the management of an AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) in compliance with UNI-TS 11291-x regulation and is available in “SaaS / Cloud / On Premise” mode. The functional and managerial constraints provided for by current legislation are fully implemented by the MIM solution and ensure support for the performance of the following remote reading and remote management functions (services):
• measurement management and load profiles: the set of services that allow the measurement of the quantities of energy supplied, their calculation in organized registers (load profiles), and their transmission to the relevant center;
• synchronization: the set of services that allow you to have a synchronized time base in all the components of the system where necessary;
• detection and reporting of fraud: the set of services that make it possible to detect attempts at fraud and / or tampering in all system components and to inform the relevant Center;
• dynamic multi-tariff capacity: the set of services that allow processing of gas consumption on articulated tariff bands (tariff programs), making it possible to configure and reconfigure tariff programs, even remotely;
• supply management: the set of services that allow the interruption and enabling to restore the supply in the meter (for example: valve closure, valve opening predisposition, power reduction, etc.);
•consumer information: the set of services that allow communication with end customer devices to provide information that is useful for saving energy, among other things; software update: the set of services that make it possible to update, even remotely, the software of all system components; infrastructure management and maintenance: the set of services that allow significant changes to be detected for the operation of the system, so that automatic or manual actions can be activated in order to restore optimal operating conditions;
• anomaly detection and reporting: the set of services intended for the detection of functional anomalies of the equipment and their reporting to the relevant security management centers: the set of services designed to configure the functions responsible for ensuring the security and confidentiality of communications, as well as access to information stored on network devices by unauthorized personnel.


The MIM platform has been integrated with all the main business processes of the distribution companies, which can be synthetically grouped into three large families, with a Monitoring & Reporting Area that is transversal over all, as better detailed below.
Meter-to-Cash Area (M2C): this area groups all the processes that, starting from those of acquiring the readings from the field, up to the preparation of data for publication to commercial systems; Order-to-Service Area (O2S): all processes which, starting from the availability of a device in the warehouse, lead to its installation in the field and consequent commissioning; Case-to-Resolve Area (C2R): this area groups the processes that govern the activities on the field devices required by the higher systems or originated directly from the system;
Operational Monitoring & Reporting: all the tasks that calculate and publish the necessary reports to verify the operation of the solution to the operator and IT systems, are included in this thematic area.


Atlantica currently operates 15 customers, for a total of over 6.5 million meters managed in Italy, Greece and Israel. The installations already planned by our customers will lead, by 2020, to the management of a fleet of approximately 13 million meters. In particular, as regards to the gas sector, Atlantica is a leader at European level since it manages 4.5 million meters, through the MIM platform,  with a growth forecast of up to 7.5 million in the first half of 2020 and 10 million by 2023. By accepting the needs of some multiutility customers, MIM offers the possibility of having a single SW system for the integrated management of all types of meters (water, gas and electricity) thus guaranteeing the uniqueness of the information and significant optimization of management and maintenance costs.
The MIM solution for Smart Metering has been successfully adopted and used by numerous customers over the past ten years. These include some of the most important players in the distribution of electricity, gas and water, of which we report some significant data aggregated by sector:
• Italy – Electric: with around 2 million meters managed overall and a physiological growth of over 10,000 per year;
• Italy – Gas: with a total of over 4.5 million meters managed overall and an increase of approximately 125 thousand new meters / month among all customers;
• Italy – Water: for a total of 26 thousand meters managed overall, with an increase of around 40 thousand new meters by 2019;
• Israel – Electric: with around 200,000 meters managed;
• Greece – Gas: ongoing trials with all distributors in the sector with around 10,000 meters managed;
• forecast of around 500,000 meters in 2020.