Digital Innovation provides innovative services, supplies goods, makes experiences live, makes enormous quantities of content accessible creating new connections between people, places and things, with the aim of simplifying and accelerating processes, reducing redundancies and related errors to manual activities. Digital innovation is made possible by flexible infrastructures, innovative technologies and enabling applications that make up the ecosystem necessary to deeply renew both business processes and entire segments of society – governments, mass communications, art, medicine and science – promoting transparency, sharing and inclusion of all participants. Atlantica designs solutions that achieve this transformation by adopting innovative technologies:


Internet of Things, represents the revolution of the IT process in which countless devices are connected to the Internet at low cost to send data and signals to a cloud platform that operates as a center of analysis, control and management, ensuring the use of cross-cutting applications for various business needs. Atlantica addresses the complexity of typical IoT projects with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence systems, not only to manage the number of exponentially growing data, but also to guarantee the level of users satisfaction and build a relationship with each of them, satisfying the needs of the market in real time in a predictive way.


Atlantica adopts the set of technologies and methodologies for massive data analysis, i.e. the ability to extrapolate, analyze and relate a huge amount of heterogeneous, structured and unstructured data, to discover the links between different phenomena and predict future ones. The most important thing is not to have Big Data (which can be acquired, purchased, exchanged, extracted from Open sources), but to be able to analyze them to extrapolate the information useful for making the most suitable decisions in the context. Therefore, be able to interpret them, fully understand them and use them for predictive purposes.


In an era characterized by change, globalization and the intensification of competition in any sector, knowledge is undoubtedly the most important asset for acquiring a competitive advantage. Atlantica takes advantage of the rapid progress in big Data Analytics, self-learning systems, Predictive Analytics, virtual and Augmented reality, recognition of natural language to create solutions and prototypes that accelerate and simplify business processes and their time to market.


It is easy to find the perfect cloud solution for a single need: a proprietary cloud suitable for hosting a proprietary app, a cloud for storing public data, or a cloud with high scalability suitable for hosting systems with frequency of highly variable use. However, a single cloud will not be able to satisfy all needs at best. Atlantica helps its customers to create a multi-cloud environment, made up of multiple public or private cloud services offered by different suppliers, guaranteeing at the same time the best operation of the business systems, an available and highly scalable backup and a disaster recovery always available.


“1970 8:30 am administrative office Rossi sits at his desk, opens the agenda and checks the day’s deadlines. Takes the first practice in the inbox and the law. A certain Bianchi asks for an administrative certificate. He goes to the archive and takes a folder with all the related documents. It is the first time that such a request occurs: he looks for his old colleague but he has not yet arrived at the office. Not even thinking about calling him home for something like that, and then he is probably already on the street and he will arrive in a while, provided he hasn’t missed the train. “… Of course with strikes and terrorists, taking a bus is now a lottery. Who knows when it arrives. Oh well let’s move on to the next practice … ” 2019 at 9:30 am administrative office Rossi looks at the park from the office window while reading on the tablet the first email sent to him by the intelligent protocol system: the scan of a fax by Mr. Bianchi for an administrative certificate. Rossi connects to the documentary in search of information, but it is the first time that such a request occurs. He looks for his old colleague but he hasn’t arrived at the office yet. He contacts him via WhatsApp, but he is on the train: Twitter says there are problems at the Ottaviano station and Google Maps confirms that the journey takes at least half an hour. “But there is the virtual assistant … what’s his name … ah already chat bot …. it could help me “Just ask the question in natural language and the semantic assistant presents the ten best solutions sorted by order of probability. “Here, the second is the right one” Rossi prepares the required pdf, digitally signs it, temporally marks it to guarantee legal validity and sends it via PEC. Bianchi receives it and has it read by his car’s voice assistant while he goes to the office at 10:00 am avoiding traffic thanks to an intelligent navigator.”

It is an example of digital innovation: the pervasiveness of IT solutions that simplify everyday life. Atlantica uses the most innovative IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning and Multicloud solutions to innovate the business processes of its customers, creating solutions: substitute conservation and electronic invoicing; integrated logistics; anti-fraud; data monetization starting from the profiling of behaviors and lifestyles; intelligent analysis of safety data to facilitate the identification of effective countermeasures; protocol and intelligent dispatching of practices; predictive analysis of driving styles and intelligent routing; remote control system for industrial plants and ICT systems.